Friday, September 24, 2010

Community Vital Signs

Hi there!

Told ya I'd be back soon!  This will be a quick one..

About a month ago, I was approached by my awesome friend Will about doing a quick logo design for a project he was working on called Community Vital Signs.  I'll skip a description of the project for fear of screwing it up, but here's an article that was in SF Chronicle yesterday (front page!) about it: Online report card shows S.F. health disparities.  Anyway, Will is always looking out for the business end of my design dealings, and when he saw that they needed a logo he asked me if I'd whip something up based on some ideas they had been throwing around.  I did, they liked it, and now it's everywhere!

The original design

The invitation to the Tri-Annual Community Needs Assessment Breakfast where the project was presented

Party favors - keychain flash drives

It's also on their website (which you should check out, especially if you live in San Francisco):, and it's shown up on a spread in the SF Business Times (I'm sure you all read that every week) and on the local news when the project was covered last night!  This is my first experience with business branding, and seeing something I designed pop up all over the place is really exciting and sort of overwhelming! So.. I thought I'd share!  And of course a huge thanks to Will (yes, that's Will of Nine Wives and Apartment-Drying-Rack/screen-printing-assistant-extraordinaire fame) for getting me into the project in the first place and for always encouraging me to put my work out there!

One last note, pretty much entirely unrelated.. after spending a long (loooong) time thinking about it, I am going back to school!  Art school!  I'll be starting in January 2011 at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, working towards a Masters in Illustration.  I'm REALLY excited, and for better or worse I've finally decided that this is something I really want to do and will hopefully really enjoy!  This move comes after pretty much a lifetime of not really giving art and design my full attention and effort.. now I'm really going to work toward making a career out of something I would love to spend all of my time doing anyway.  Should make for a proliferation of blog material, anyway ^_^  Wish me luck!!

Thanks for reading!! <3


Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Test Print Wall and other news

Hi friends,

Time for my monthly update!  Maybe someday I'll post more than once every five weeks.. (shut up, it could happen).

First up: the Test Print Wall, or door, rather.  Before printing anything, I always run a few prints on cheap fabric (or paper) to see if I've missed anything or if there are any holes in my emulsion.  Then, since I might as well put them up somewhere - though sometimes they do end up wadded up in the bottom of a box or something - they go on my door.  Some of these I've mentioned here before, but some of them never made it to a shirt, or were printed and given away without ever being properly photographed.

Left: a print based on a miniature apple tree seen at the Berkeley farmers market.. never made it to a shirt.  Right: the original Post:Ballet shirt, commissioned by a friend as a gift for the company's founder.

This one on the left is being shown off in Guatemala - I only printed one shirt and gave it to a friend who shipped off to the Peace Corps. (hi Athalia! ^_^)
Also, that one is a good example of the aforementioned emulsion problems - note the black smudges around the design?  That's the ink bleeding through where the emulsion was too thin.. which is why I test print!

In further news, I finally finished a drawing I was working on for years.. not constantly, of course.  At some point a couple of years ago, I decided I wanted to complete a drawing from a photograph that was really detailed and thorough.  I don't remember why I wanted to do this.  Most likely, I saw a similar type drawing in a gallery somewhere and thought, "That would be fun to do."  You'd think I'd be familiar with my own tendencies toward frustration and impatience with things like that.  It lived in my sketchbook (also - didn't think to do it on higher quality paper? That ended up causing some problems) for a few years until I decided I really wanted to finish it, right away (more on why later).  So here it is, drawn from a photo I took in Siena, Italy.  I'm pretty happy with it! (Not a great photo, but I'm learning..)

That's all for tonight, as always thanks for reading!!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Big One

Earlier this year, I had the honor and pleasure of working on a very special project: wedding invitations for my awesome friends Andy and Megan.

Above is a photo of the final product - a four-color print (with a single-color print on the envelopes - below), definitely the most complicated print I've done, plus, we made 100 of them!  It was quite a challenge, especially because, well, they're wedding invitations!  I wanted them to be perfect, and to fit the location and the spirit of the event, and my wonderful friends who were tying the knot :)

The envelope, a dark green version..

and a light green.

After many hours of making sure I had all the details down on the screens (still doing this with a paintbrush, so it took quite a while), and some very careful color-choosing with Andy and Megan, the first color went down:

Since I don't have any real equipment like, say, a drying rack, my friend graciously donated all of the flat surfaces in his apartment to the cause..

Color two:

I guess I don't have any good pictures of the third color, a pale blue decoration behind the ampersand, which is pretty hard to see in these photos anyway.

Color four, the dark brown text:

And it was done!  One hundred (give or take a couple) wedding invitations and envelopes, the largest and most complex project I have yet to pull off of my humble homemade press.  And most importantly, Andy and Megan loved them :)

Thanks for reading - and for being patient with my few-and-far-between posts!  I'd say I'll start posting more often, but I don't think I should make any promises.. :)


Saturday, May 22, 2010


Screen printing! I don't remember how I became obsessed with it, but it doesn't matter.. Here are some of the first things I printed when I started messing around with the press at home.  (I'll keep the narration to a minimum, I know it's been forever since I last posted and I'm still catching up on old stuff..)

That last one one didn't actually make it onto a shirt, so all I've got is the test print.

A run of 60-ish shirts for my brother's college band, Sex, Funk and Danger - if you're ever in Davis and you see someone wearing this.. I printed it! Yay!

A small batch of shirts I made a couple of years ago (I think? A while ago..) for an awesome Bay Area band, Nine Wives.  First color screen to the right, second color to the left (this is about when I realized I should take some pictures of what I was doing!)  Below is the second, larger batch of shirts printed for these guys, which we did more recently.

These were a lot of fun to design and print, and I think they turned out really well.  (That's a photo of the screen beneath the harmonica close-up on the right)

Last but not least, the most recent shirts I printed - for Post:Ballet, a contemporary dance company in San Francisco.  These were designed by the company's graphic designer.

That's it, a quick tshirt review!  Next time - the biggest printing project I've EVER DONE (which isn't saying that much, but still.  It was a big deal!)  Thanks for reading guys!


Monday, March 1, 2010

brief experiments with oil, and other paintings


I'm gonna throw these up here, just to get them out of the way - it seems that the longer I put off posting old stuff, the farther behind I get in posting anything new!  So this will be short and hopefully sweet..


A series of mini canvases from 2008.. just messing around and pulling some things out of the ol' sketchbook.  Acrylic, oil, and metallic pen, I think..

And a couple more experiments with oil, I apologize for the pictures being kind of bad... 

The one on the left is oil, acrylic and colored pencil on canvas and wood. The purple one to the right is all oil.. if I remember correctly.

And I need to put in a big *THANK YOU!!* to someone who will hopefully read this... to my friend Ken, who gave me a bunch of his old paints and related supplies, without which these would probably never have been made :)
Thank you!  You'll get that "masterpiece" someday, I promise....

(And to you few readers who aren't Ken, you can check out some of his amazing work here)

One more, I know I said this would be short..

Again, wow, the color looks terrible in this picture.  Originally a poster by Marco Fabiano, changed a bit and with the name and address of the cafe that was below my flat in Siena.

That's it!  Gonna start on the printing next time, I promise..
Thanks for reading!!