Thursday, January 21, 2010

years in review

I thought I might include a little bit of past work, mostly because this stuff has been languishing mostly unseen in my house since forever, but also to give everyone some idea of where I'm coming from and how I started out.

First, the ol' paintings, on which I used to spend the majority of my artistic effort:

These first four pieces are all from 2002-2006, the beginning of my experimentation with painting.  I probably shouldn't even call it experimentation; my method for teaching myself the technical skills of painting (for these, with acrylic paint) was to copy existing pieces that I liked. 

(That said, I'll just go ahead and be extra clear that these are not my original work, and all due credit goes to the artists who created the original images: Steve Forney for Cafe Arabica, Leonetto Cappiello for Parapluie-Revel, Henri Privat-Livemont for Absinthe Robette below)

The Absinthe Robette is my favorite of the copied-advertisement bunch.  It's just a gorgeous poster and I love Art Nouveau.

 But I'm saving my most favorite of the non-original works for last, a painting I did in an Advanced Art class back in 2002 in high school with the great Mr. Hill.  We had the general assignment to pretty much paint whatever we wanted, as far as I can remember.. I think the paintings had to be of a certain general size, and we built our canvases ourselves.  This one I borrowed from a postcard I had picked up in Austin, TX, at an Amy's Ice Cream (why is this information still in my brain? who knows.) that I have long since lost..

The credit for this fantastic image goes to an artist I greatly admire, Michiko Stehrenberger ( - she has such a fun style and has drawn a bunch of sassy female characters that I really love.  Check her out!  This painting is 3.5ft x 4.5ft, by far the largest canvas I've ever painted (it's also technically the first canvas I painted), and I still love looking at it.  Makes me miss those stubby, grimy brushes and giant bottles of cheap paint..

That's it for old news.. next time I guess I'll get to post some things that were made in the last three years! Hurrayyy!

Thanks for reading! :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

here we are..

at last. after talking about starting an art blog for, well, forever, i've finally gone and done it.. and an empty blog does no good! so let's post, shall we? after trying to think of something clever and funny and insightful to write on a first post for over a month now, i have decided to just power through and get it over with. so here it is, the first post come and gone. welcome to the brand new website for the quiet design concern!