Monday, March 1, 2010

brief experiments with oil, and other paintings


I'm gonna throw these up here, just to get them out of the way - it seems that the longer I put off posting old stuff, the farther behind I get in posting anything new!  So this will be short and hopefully sweet..


A series of mini canvases from 2008.. just messing around and pulling some things out of the ol' sketchbook.  Acrylic, oil, and metallic pen, I think..

And a couple more experiments with oil, I apologize for the pictures being kind of bad... 

The one on the left is oil, acrylic and colored pencil on canvas and wood. The purple one to the right is all oil.. if I remember correctly.

And I need to put in a big *THANK YOU!!* to someone who will hopefully read this... to my friend Ken, who gave me a bunch of his old paints and related supplies, without which these would probably never have been made :)
Thank you!  You'll get that "masterpiece" someday, I promise....

(And to you few readers who aren't Ken, you can check out some of his amazing work here)

One more, I know I said this would be short..

Again, wow, the color looks terrible in this picture.  Originally a poster by Marco Fabiano, changed a bit and with the name and address of the cafe that was below my flat in Siena.

That's it!  Gonna start on the printing next time, I promise..
Thanks for reading!!