Saturday, May 22, 2010


Screen printing! I don't remember how I became obsessed with it, but it doesn't matter.. Here are some of the first things I printed when I started messing around with the press at home.  (I'll keep the narration to a minimum, I know it's been forever since I last posted and I'm still catching up on old stuff..)

That last one one didn't actually make it onto a shirt, so all I've got is the test print.

A run of 60-ish shirts for my brother's college band, Sex, Funk and Danger - if you're ever in Davis and you see someone wearing this.. I printed it! Yay!

A small batch of shirts I made a couple of years ago (I think? A while ago..) for an awesome Bay Area band, Nine Wives.  First color screen to the right, second color to the left (this is about when I realized I should take some pictures of what I was doing!)  Below is the second, larger batch of shirts printed for these guys, which we did more recently.

These were a lot of fun to design and print, and I think they turned out really well.  (That's a photo of the screen beneath the harmonica close-up on the right)

Last but not least, the most recent shirts I printed - for Post:Ballet, a contemporary dance company in San Francisco.  These were designed by the company's graphic designer.

That's it, a quick tshirt review!  Next time - the biggest printing project I've EVER DONE (which isn't saying that much, but still.  It was a big deal!)  Thanks for reading guys!