Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Big One

Earlier this year, I had the honor and pleasure of working on a very special project: wedding invitations for my awesome friends Andy and Megan.

Above is a photo of the final product - a four-color print (with a single-color print on the envelopes - below), definitely the most complicated print I've done, plus, we made 100 of them!  It was quite a challenge, especially because, well, they're wedding invitations!  I wanted them to be perfect, and to fit the location and the spirit of the event, and my wonderful friends who were tying the knot :)

The envelope, a dark green version..

and a light green.

After many hours of making sure I had all the details down on the screens (still doing this with a paintbrush, so it took quite a while), and some very careful color-choosing with Andy and Megan, the first color went down:

Since I don't have any real equipment like, say, a drying rack, my friend graciously donated all of the flat surfaces in his apartment to the cause..

Color two:

I guess I don't have any good pictures of the third color, a pale blue decoration behind the ampersand, which is pretty hard to see in these photos anyway.

Color four, the dark brown text:

And it was done!  One hundred (give or take a couple) wedding invitations and envelopes, the largest and most complex project I have yet to pull off of my humble homemade press.  And most importantly, Andy and Megan loved them :)

Thanks for reading - and for being patient with my few-and-far-between posts!  I'd say I'll start posting more often, but I don't think I should make any promises.. :)