Sunday, September 25, 2011

She can be taught!

Got off my bum yesterday and went to a make-up Head Drawing class. Single pose, 6 hours (minus a few breaks). I was not prepared for that. However: success! A drawing that actually sort of resembles the person who posed for it. It's a nice moment when you realize that you may actually be improving..

18x24" on overworked newsprint (gotta start bringing a few spare sheets of good quality paper to class with me), charcoal pencil and a little vine, with bonus diagrams by Han. (Have I raved about him yet? *rave* Very skilled, a great teacher. I learned a lot yesterday!)


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Little flour sack friends

They look so happy! Except for that last one.. but he'll be alright.


An assignment for clothed figure drawing, studying folds, stretch & compression, overlap, and wrap-around. Black conté crayon (and a little white) on newsprint, ~6x8 inches. I can't believe I finished these a whole day before they're due AND blogged about them! Maybe I've been replaced by a pod person. But then I'd know about it.. right?

-emily (or pod-emily)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's week 3! You know what that means..

For those of us who can't manage to post more than once a month (this guy, pointing at self, obviously), it means SCHOOLWORK DUMP!

First up: Clothed figure drawing. Six hours of awesome demos from an fantastic teacher (who makes drawing look like the easiest thing in the whole world), sketching a model in fun outfits, and frustration because a) folds are hard, b) learning to use charcoal in a new way is hard, and c) drawing is not the easiest thing in the whole world. (You can see some of my teacher's work here.)


Second: Head drawing. Starting with the bones, which seems to be a good place to begin, especially for those of us who didn't know what the hell a zygomatic arch was. Got a great teacher for this class as well.. I'm looking forward to the rest of this semester. (My head drawing teacher's art can be found here:

Our first homework assignment: skulls with labels, 18x24", charcoal pencil. (Copied from a couple diagrams.. can't claim creative ownership of these bad boys.)

And some stuff from class. Remember, your face floats around away from your cranium! Everybody's just a ball and geometric face-shape!



I swear her eyes really were this huge and far apart.

 And here's a little sneak preview for an upcoming homework assignment that I'm actually having fun with, despite being totally freaked out about it at first. Something about a teacher saying "Be creative!" always makes me nervous and shuts down the creative center of my brain for a bit. A good quality in an art student, right?

Poor little guy!
Okay, that's it. Back to homework. See ya!