Friday, December 7, 2012

Death on prom night

Hey! Last post before finals, and as promised it's stuff in a mirror. Exciting! We were given a couple paragraphs from a story and told to illustrate them (like real illustrators! Woo!). The story, in a nutshell: a girl's gettin' ready for the prom. She hears her date's car door close outside, hears him come up the stairs to her room, he puts his hands over her eyes (like, guess who!) and she tosses him off but... doesn't see anyone in the mirror behind her! omg. So he's a vampire I guess. And a creeper. Check it out:

look out!

As with the last one, I'd love to finish it off by painting it, hopefully I'll have some time to do that later on. But for now - time to go work on this final some more! Thanks for coming by!


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Food fight!

Ahh it's been over a month since my last post! Sorry guys, I'm the worst. I've had this drawing done for weeks now and just haven't gotten it up here. Now I'm in the midst of finals and there's nothing like procrastinating to make you do everything you need to do except for that one thing you should be doing....

So we're still talking perspective! This was a long assignment, three weeks, and I'll just show you the end result because why not. First week was to draw two nude figures interacting with each other in action poses - second week was adding clothes with patterns - third week was adding an environment. We've started putting everything we've been learning all semester together! It hard and frustrating and complicated but it's also much more fun to be drawing something you're excited about and these were exciting! Here's mine:

click on the image! it's too tiny here in the post..

I'd love to go back and add value and color - maybe I'll do that over the break. Right now it looks like an empty coloring book, but whatcha gonna do.

Thanks for reading! Next time - mirror reflections! Yet another technique I've learned in this class that I had absolutely no idea how to do before..


Monday, October 22, 2012

Catching up on perspective, round threeeeee

Heyy last one! I'm combining two weeks of work into this post cuz hey we can't all read blogs all day now can we. Heads and figures! Ohh yeah I was dreading this before the semester even started. First assignment, we were given three straight-on photographs of people, and we had to draw them in perspective. Here's two of mine:

two point perspective

two point vertical perspective

Both done digitally. Pretty darn difficult, I'll tell you.

Next: figures, completely without reference you guys, these came from my head and I'll be doing this for years before I get really good at it (like my teacher is - it's mind boggling, really):

reclining figure in two point

walking figure in two point vertical

seated figure in three point

Well, that wraps it up: everything I've done for this class in the last month. All of those figures were done digitally, by the way. Thanks for stopping by!


Catching up on perspective, round two!

Alright, keep the ball rolling..

Three point perspective! Could be any setting, it just had to be either a three-point environment with a two-point vertical object in it, or a two-point vertical environment containing a three-point object. See if you can figure out which one I did for a fun game! Or don't, whatever.


Decided to paint this one out rather than doing a line drawing because man line drawings take forever when I'm using a tablet.

Keep going keep going! Up next, oh man the hard stuff, organic shapes in perspective. Goodbye, construction lines, you were helpful while you lasted.

Catching up on perspective, round one

Hey guys,

Oh man, it has been a crazy month. In fact, it's been exactly one crazy month since my last post! What a coincidence. Anyway, I have a few things to share, and I'm going to split them up into separate posts to keep this from getting too long. Been doing a lot of work in my perspective class, and if the stuff in the beginning kicked my butt, it's only getting harder. After one point perspective, logically, we did two point: an interior with shadows from an artificial light source (as opposed to the sun):

Back and forth: mapped out in perspective in Photoshop, drawn on paper and vellum, shadows added digitally.

We were instructed to ignore the shadow that would come from anything over our light sources (such as the bowl of the lamp over the bulb) to get better practice plotting out every shadow, so this isn't quite as realistic as it could be.. maybe if I ever have another free moment of time (ha) I'll come back to it and add the extra shadow.

Coming up next... you guessed it, three point perspective. Yaaaayyyyyy.

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

In perspective

Hi friends!

Sorry if I seem to have vanished from blogland - the new semester has started, and with it the class that will take up 100% of my free time (not an exaggeration): Perspective for Illustrators. As I'm writing this post during a quick break from working on this week's homework, I'll keep it short: here's what we accomplished in the first two weeks.

As you can see, none of that "draw a cube in one point perspective" business - we're being thrown in, well maybe not the deep end, but like headfirst into the middle area of the pool. Okay, lost my metaphor there. Anyway, this is time consuming, brain-melting stuff, but we're definitely going to learn a ton. And work our bums off. Fun!

Anyway, thanks for sticking with me, guys - I'll try to post more regularly once I get into the swing of the semester. Hope everyone has a good weekend!



So I got this thing halfway rendered the night before it was due, then decided I'd rather sleep than finish.. but I couldn't just leave it that way, so I did the rest of it yesterday. Now on to two-point perspective!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Poster redo

Hello again!

Back with the second reworking of the summer - my poster design for the Tallest Man on Earth from Concept, Technique, and Illustration last spring. Though I still like the linocut original, I wanted to see what more I could do with the concept digitally.

That's it! Thanks for coming by!


Sunday, August 12, 2012


Just doodling coffee logo concepts. Sketched it on paper, fixed it up in Photoshop. Fun!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rhino redux

Hey people! So I'm working on getting things together for my midpoint next month (hoo boy, saying 'next month' really makes it sound soon) and part of that is choosing the best work from my previous classes to present to the panel. The thing is, some of that stuff is.. well.. not so great. They want to see where you are now, rather than where you were first semester, second semester, etc., so I'm revamping some of my old work.

I took an illustration class my first semester (the only one I've taken so far), and at the time it seemed like a terrible idea because I hadn't taken any other foundation classes (drawing, painting, etc.) yet. And as it turns out.. I was right. I don't hate the stuff I produced in that class, but I think I would've gotten a lot more out of it if I'd taken it later in the program. Oh well! Point being, I'm redoing a couple of projects from that class because the originals aren't quite up to snuff to show for midpoint. I finished the first one today:

rendered in Photoshop

In case you don't remember this one from over a year ago, it's a mock theater poster for Eugéne Ionesco's Rhinoceros, and to sum it up very briefly and superficially it's about a town in which everyone starts to turn into rhinoceroses until the main character is the only man left. I saw it performed by a student group in college, it was a good show and very creatively staged.

Two reasons I chose to redo this: one, I still like the idea, and two, um, I seem to have lost the original. Hrm. It's gotta be around here somewhere. Luckily I have photos of it, so I figured I'd put my new familiarity with Photoshop to work and fix it up that way. Huzzah!

Thanks for comin' by!


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So I gave myself some homework

Hi there!

I hope everyone's summer is going well! I've been keeping busy by trying to manage the constant conflict between my inner stress-maniac (I have to propose a thesis project in the Fall) and my outer procrastinator. I know I would be less stressed out if I would just stop procrastinating and get some work done, but this is clearly not a logic-based problem.. Anyway! I've determined that the best way to not completely waste all of my free time watching TV (Olympics!) is to assign myself specific projects, so here goes.

ink (dip pen) and watercolor on bristol, from this image

I saw this lovely image on Playtype (here it is) or rather on some blog that posted about it, and as an exercise in studying letterforms and as a way to try and memorize these terms, I decided to write it out for myself. I fattened up the letters and messy-ed up the coloring just for gigglesd (and because I started off trying to make it very clean and neat and look just like the type it's based on and then realized that that was boring and that I could just print out the image if I wanted an exact copy, so there you go). Since I haven't yet gotten round to the art store to get some hot pressed watercolor paper for my dip pens, I tried this on bristol board.. not great, really, the bristol gets soggy under too much ink and then gums up in the point of the nib, but it wasn't too bad.

I'll put this up next to my computer screen so that instead of staring blankly at the wall I can stare blankly at this and maybe I'll learn something. Success!

Thanks for reading!


Monday, July 16, 2012



Can't think of anything to say about this, so I'll just show you the pictures and get on with it. Birthday card!

11.5 x 5" on watercolor paper

First it looked like this:

Then I used these to finish it up:

And that's it! Something that I learned while doing this, which now seems like common sense but oh well, is to go with smoooooth smooth paper when you're using a dip pen, as shown in the photo above. I was using Canson "traditional surface" watercolor paper because originally I thought I would use watercolor rather than acrylic to add some color, but my pointy nibs are so sharp they would sometimes scratch up and catch in the surface of the paper, and that was no good. So! Hot pressed watercolor paper next time, lesson learned. If anyone has any other pen and ink tips, leave them in the comments. I'd love to hear them!

Thanks for stopping by!


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Spring 2012 Remnants

Hey folks! Been cleaning up and organizing my piles of classwork from last semester, and I realized I've got some stuff I never got around to posting. So here it is!

In-class studies from portrait painting:

yes, she had high eyebrows

Mad Men style

And some Sustained Figurative Concepts in-class work:

 Looking at these makes me want to break out the oils and pastels. Maybe I will! Stay tuned!


Monday, July 9, 2012

Dad days

Birthday and father's day card! Inked with a brush, man am I rusty in that department. Took forever. Fun though!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer productivity

I know I promised you paintings, but I haven't photographed them yet and in the meantime: I printed business cards! Or really they're just cards with my tumblr on them so I don't have to find something to write on when people ask if I have a website. Screen printed on light grey card stock ('cement' is the name of the color - how exciting is that) in blue, green, and split fountain why not. Want one?



Monday, June 4, 2012

Finals, part II: Portrait Painting

I didn't forget about this, I've had it sitting on my floor staring at me for the last two weeks reminding me to post about it but.. man, I'm terrible at photographing paintings. Terrible. If I could, I would show this painting to you all in person, but obviously that's not gonna happen, so here it is in the best photo I could manage.

Our final in portrait painting was a self portrait (bleh) but it was fun in the end, and it was especially interesting to see everyone's on the final day of class - lots of different compositions and styles, and a lot of great work! Here's mine:

Oil on canvas, 18 x 24"

Couldn't get the colors quite right in Photoshop - my camera always does something funny with color - but y'know, this is basically what it looks like. I tried to stay loose(r) with my brushstrokes on this one and my last couple of in-class paintings (to be posted soon) because I like the way it looks and because I have a tendency to fussy with blending, which I'd like to be able to control. I think it turned out alright!

Thanks for reading!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Finals, Part I: Digital Painting

Hey-o, Spring semester is over! It was a rough batch of finals (I only had two, does that count as a batch?) but they finished up nicely so all the stress and lack of sleep was worth it. Here's the first: my digital painting final assignment, a finished illustration. We were given four themes to choose from, and I chose David vs Goliath (although in my illustration I doubt the little guy will come out on top.. it adheres to the theme rather loosely). We worked on these for three weeks - first thumbnails, then value and color comps, then final.

Please do zoom in and have a look! I'm happy with how this one turned out, and I think it's a good wrap-up of all the stuff I learned in this class - that's what a final is for, right? It was rough going for a while (a long while) in this class, but I learned a lot and and am a million times more proficient in Photoshop now than I was three months ago. Good times.

Next up: my portrait painting final! Should be up soon, I haven't photographed it yet. Thanks for reading!


P.S. You can check out my digital painting teacher's awesome work here.

P.P.S. I ate that tomato. He was delicious.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Midterm illustration, digital painting

Oh hey, so this is a little late, but I wanted to work on it some more after it was critiqued in class and I've just now gotten to it. Our midterm project for digital painting was a finished illustration, either science fiction or fantasty. We took a few weeks to do thumbnails and color comps before doing a final illustration. Since sci-fi and fantasy aren't really my thing, my thumbnails all ran along pretty conventional lines: UFO crashes, first encounters, abductions. Boring, huh! Here they are:

I ended up doing number nine. I won't show you my color comps, because I ended up changing it a bit for the final - it turns out I am just total crap at drawing spaceships. Who knew! Well, I kind of knew. Anyway, I spent a long time trying to do it and being frustrated and then at the very last minute I replaced it with something else. So here's the final:

And here's a detail, since the figures are so teeny tiny:

I'm calling it (as if I have to call it something) Goodbyes. Poor little guy, I guess his alien buddy has to go home. So there you have it! Thanks for reading!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pastel madness!

Hey you guys!

Seeing as it's week twelve, I guess it's as good a time as any for a Sustained Figurative Concepts update. I did a lot of terrible drawings in the beginning of the semester.. part of that was adapting to using pastels (completely new to me), and part of it was just that I've never taken a dedicated figure drawing class before and I'm just not that good at it. So we'll go chronologically, and hopefully things will start looking better as we progress.

All of the following drawings (except for the last two) are in-class studies, so they're unfinished. All done in pastel on grey-brown Strathmore charcoal paper.

We started the semester off with nude models. All of my drawings from this period are pretty terrible so I'll only post one:

Some quick hand studies:

A couple of weeks of head studies:

Then clothed figure. Emphasis on value pattern.

We also had two clothed figure homework assignments. It was nice to have more than three hours to work on them; they're a lot more finished than my in-class work.

from a photo on

big gigantic thanks to Kendall for being my model!

Anyway, that's about it! We're moving into finals season, so I may not be back for a while.. but that wouldn't be too unusual, would it! As always, thanks for coming by :)


Monday, April 23, 2012

To slay your enemies

One-week prop design assignment in digital painting. Weapon design's not exactly in my wheelhouse, but it ended up being kind of fun. Now I know! I used Alchemy to start the thumbnails - I would have been lost without it. (Thanks Young!) It was an interesting exercise to find form and function in crazy spontaneous shapes, I recommend it!

'Til next time!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Yup, more portraits

Hey, hi, how's it going..

I have some more portraits to show you! My locker at school is full of these things, but rarely do I remember to bring a camera to photograph them. Here are a few in-class paintings from the past weeks, all oil on canvas board, 11 x 14" or slightly larger.

This last one was an extra challenge as the model was lit by natural light on one side and a lamp on the other. I think it turned out pretty well.. might have been because I was exhausted that day and so I didn't over-think it and got lucky. I also stuck with a large brush for longer than usual, which is something I'm still training myself to do. And I've still got a lot to learn about using color!

Anyway, thanks for coming by!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

A little beeturtle

Hi hi,

So someone was asking me what sort of things we're working on in my digital painting class. Just finished this up (well, not finished, but only because I never feel finished with anything..) and thought I'd post it.

Most of what we've done so far has been to practice using Photoshop by completing little projects in one or two weeks. We usually do a few thumbnails, then a final. These last couple of weeks we've been working on a creature design - certainly not my area, never tried it before, so it's not the best thing I've ever done but it's a good example of what we usually do for this class.

First the thumbnails (above). I'll say this for Photoshop, with all the complaints I have about my learning curve: it is a whole lot easier for me to throw thumbnails together digitally than on paper. I think if I'm drawing on paper I immediately start over-thinking things because I'm using something - graphite, ink, paper, whatever, is going to be spent on me just trying to throw crappy ideas down and hope something good comes out of it. If I do it in Photoshop, I'm free of that imagined pressure. It's also faster to work out sketches digitally. Ctrl+Z! Don't have that on paper.

Then we pick a thumbnail to follow through with. I'm okaaaay with this one.. the pose got a little weird, the shell texture could be better - I fussed around with that a lot - but, you know, first creature ever! I'm fine with it.

That's all! Thanks for stopping by!


Friday, March 16, 2012

Did I mention I have a tumblr?

Hi there friends!

I think I forgot to mention that I finally set up my tumblr, There's nothing there that you, faithful readers, haven't already seen - it's more like a nice, neat way for me to showcase what I consider to be 'the good stuff' and for new people to see my work without having to endure my babble. If you'd like to check it out, please do! It's pretty!

And as a thank-you for enduring that redundant bit of self-promotion, here's the painting I did today in class! My first not-terrible attempt at using color, I'm rather pleased with it. Have a good weekend!

Oil on canvas board, 11 x 14"