Thursday, February 2, 2012

Because you are.

So, school's started again! That means that all six weeks of winter vacation are officially over - man that was quick. Yes, I started this break with a whole list of art-related things I wanted to spend all of my free time doing.. but let's not talk about that right now. Here's what I did do!

Linocut! Yayyyyeee. I knocked this bad boy out pretty quickly. It's 7.5 x 9.5" with watercolor, in an edition of 20. Each one is different because of the watercolor, but they all pretty much follow these two color schemes.

Here's the lino all inked up:

Not that you'd be able to tell, but in the photo it's inked with screen printing ink which, I should say, was a big disaster. I decided to experiment with it since I've got to much of the stuff, but nope. Maybe it could work with a certain type of paper, something thinner, but it was definitely too thin and lacked the tackiness that block printing ink has to keeps your paper from sliding all over the place.

I'd like to do more small prints like this - they're good for practicing printing and lettering, and they don't take too long to complete. I guess if I make enough of them, I could start up that Etsy store people keep telling me to make. We'll see! It's going to be a busy semester.

(Speaking of, I recently found this blog devoted to printmaking on Etsy: Good stuff, if you're interested!)

A couple of unrelated things:

My design for the Tumbleweed Wanderers is on their website! So that's fun! See it bounce around at the top of the page (and definitely watch some videos or listen to some songs while you're there):

Also, Tumblr! A quick, pretty way to see all my presentable work without all the jibber jabber I tend to get into here on the blog:

That's it! Thanks for reading!