Sunday, May 20, 2012

Finals, Part I: Digital Painting

Hey-o, Spring semester is over! It was a rough batch of finals (I only had two, does that count as a batch?) but they finished up nicely so all the stress and lack of sleep was worth it. Here's the first: my digital painting final assignment, a finished illustration. We were given four themes to choose from, and I chose David vs Goliath (although in my illustration I doubt the little guy will come out on top.. it adheres to the theme rather loosely). We worked on these for three weeks - first thumbnails, then value and color comps, then final.

Please do zoom in and have a look! I'm happy with how this one turned out, and I think it's a good wrap-up of all the stuff I learned in this class - that's what a final is for, right? It was rough going for a while (a long while) in this class, but I learned a lot and and am a million times more proficient in Photoshop now than I was three months ago. Good times.

Next up: my portrait painting final! Should be up soon, I haven't photographed it yet. Thanks for reading!


P.S. You can check out my digital painting teacher's awesome work here.

P.P.S. I ate that tomato. He was delicious.