Saturday, September 22, 2012

In perspective

Hi friends!

Sorry if I seem to have vanished from blogland - the new semester has started, and with it the class that will take up 100% of my free time (not an exaggeration): Perspective for Illustrators. As I'm writing this post during a quick break from working on this week's homework, I'll keep it short: here's what we accomplished in the first two weeks.

As you can see, none of that "draw a cube in one point perspective" business - we're being thrown in, well maybe not the deep end, but like headfirst into the middle area of the pool. Okay, lost my metaphor there. Anyway, this is time consuming, brain-melting stuff, but we're definitely going to learn a ton. And work our bums off. Fun!

Anyway, thanks for sticking with me, guys - I'll try to post more regularly once I get into the swing of the semester. Hope everyone has a good weekend!



So I got this thing halfway rendered the night before it was due, then decided I'd rather sleep than finish.. but I couldn't just leave it that way, so I did the rest of it yesterday. Now on to two-point perspective!