Monday, October 22, 2012

Catching up on perspective, round threeeeee

Heyy last one! I'm combining two weeks of work into this post cuz hey we can't all read blogs all day now can we. Heads and figures! Ohh yeah I was dreading this before the semester even started. First assignment, we were given three straight-on photographs of people, and we had to draw them in perspective. Here's two of mine:

two point perspective

two point vertical perspective

Both done digitally. Pretty darn difficult, I'll tell you.

Next: figures, completely without reference you guys, these came from my head and I'll be doing this for years before I get really good at it (like my teacher is - it's mind boggling, really):

reclining figure in two point

walking figure in two point vertical

seated figure in three point

Well, that wraps it up: everything I've done for this class in the last month. All of those figures were done digitally, by the way. Thanks for stopping by!


Catching up on perspective, round two!

Alright, keep the ball rolling..

Three point perspective! Could be any setting, it just had to be either a three-point environment with a two-point vertical object in it, or a two-point vertical environment containing a three-point object. See if you can figure out which one I did for a fun game! Or don't, whatever.


Decided to paint this one out rather than doing a line drawing because man line drawings take forever when I'm using a tablet.

Keep going keep going! Up next, oh man the hard stuff, organic shapes in perspective. Goodbye, construction lines, you were helpful while you lasted.

Catching up on perspective, round one

Hey guys,

Oh man, it has been a crazy month. In fact, it's been exactly one crazy month since my last post! What a coincidence. Anyway, I have a few things to share, and I'm going to split them up into separate posts to keep this from getting too long. Been doing a lot of work in my perspective class, and if the stuff in the beginning kicked my butt, it's only getting harder. After one point perspective, logically, we did two point: an interior with shadows from an artificial light source (as opposed to the sun):

Back and forth: mapped out in perspective in Photoshop, drawn on paper and vellum, shadows added digitally.

We were instructed to ignore the shadow that would come from anything over our light sources (such as the bowl of the lamp over the bulb) to get better practice plotting out every shadow, so this isn't quite as realistic as it could be.. maybe if I ever have another free moment of time (ha) I'll come back to it and add the extra shadow.

Coming up next... you guessed it, three point perspective. Yaaaayyyyyy.

Thanks for reading!