Friday, December 7, 2012

Death on prom night

Hey! Last post before finals, and as promised it's stuff in a mirror. Exciting! We were given a couple paragraphs from a story and told to illustrate them (like real illustrators! Woo!). The story, in a nutshell: a girl's gettin' ready for the prom. She hears her date's car door close outside, hears him come up the stairs to her room, he puts his hands over her eyes (like, guess who!) and she tosses him off but... doesn't see anyone in the mirror behind her! omg. So he's a vampire I guess. And a creeper. Check it out:

look out!

As with the last one, I'd love to finish it off by painting it, hopefully I'll have some time to do that later on. But for now - time to go work on this final some more! Thanks for coming by!


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Food fight!

Ahh it's been over a month since my last post! Sorry guys, I'm the worst. I've had this drawing done for weeks now and just haven't gotten it up here. Now I'm in the midst of finals and there's nothing like procrastinating to make you do everything you need to do except for that one thing you should be doing....

So we're still talking perspective! This was a long assignment, three weeks, and I'll just show you the end result because why not. First week was to draw two nude figures interacting with each other in action poses - second week was adding clothes with patterns - third week was adding an environment. We've started putting everything we've been learning all semester together! It hard and frustrating and complicated but it's also much more fun to be drawing something you're excited about and these were exciting! Here's mine:

click on the image! it's too tiny here in the post..

I'd love to go back and add value and color - maybe I'll do that over the break. Right now it looks like an empty coloring book, but whatcha gonna do.

Thanks for reading! Next time - mirror reflections! Yet another technique I've learned in this class that I had absolutely no idea how to do before..