Friday, January 25, 2013

Fee Fi Fo Fum etc.

You guys, it's winter break! And a long one, at that. But classes are starting back up soon, and my brain is getting back into work mode. That means I'm finally posting an illustration that's been pretty much done for a month: my Jack and the Beanstalk final from perspective class last semester.


We were given a paragraph from the story to illustrate. First we did a couple full-value visualizations (super thumbnails!), then line work, then finished full value, with shadows and a reflection, color optional. Viz and line below:

It was interesting to work off of the full-value visualization, sort of like everything was planned out but not quite right. That candle in the back was lit in the version I submitted in class, with related shadows and bright reflection in the picture glass, but as cool looked, it distracted from my original lighting scheme, so out it went. So anyway it's there for a reason.

I'm excited about spring semester! Hopefully I'll have lots of fun things to show you. Hope you're all keeping warm.

Thanks for reading!